Who Is This?

Hubbs, Little Man, Myself, and Little Miss (still cookin')
My name is Kelly and I am a full time momma to two precious babies. I've been married to The Hubbs for almost seven years and I still love him!  Little Man is just about two years old and is our climber, screamer, laugher, hugger, adventurer, and chatterbox.  Little Miss is just about four months old and is sweet, chunky, milk-lovin', can't be put down, smiling, easy-going princess.

We live on the 3rd floor of a three story building in an 1134 square-foot home. We have two bedrooms, so the kids have to share, and we have no garage so our minivan acts as our storage.  With these limited restraints I have tried many products to try and make our lives just a bit easier.  We would love to have more space, a yard, and a garage but it isn't in our cards - just like many other families out there!

I would love any comments and ideas of ways you make life easier.  We can all learn from each other!