Monday, January 16, 2012

Where have I been?!?!

Umm.... I have a problem.  Well, many I'm sure, but in relation to my blog I have a big problem.  Huge.  I haven't posted in... forever!  That was not my intention but life and time slipped away from me and before I knew it it had been months!  I want to thank all my followers for still coming to my blog.  I thought for sure I would have no hits during those months, but I had the same amount (some months more) coming to visit.  Alright, I get it, you want me to write.  Thank you all for caring!
Alright, I've been busy.  I've gotten more involved with my church.  I love this church and have been going for years, but felt like I needed to really get in there and help.  That is something that is so difficult for me.  My flesh is so comfortable sitting in the back, soaking in the lesson, then disappearing.  No one knows my name?  Fine.  I don't want church to be about me, something that I've found in the past is so easy for me to do.
I've also been crafting again!  So way back when I was pregnant with Little Miss I starting a blog to chronicle my learning to sew.  Last post on that blog was just before I had her.  She's nearly two. So I'm going to put my crafty-ness on this blog, too.  Hopefully you don't mind :).  Sewing is so relaxing to me.  It can be stressful because I mess up a lot, but it feels so good and I get a chance to worship and sing and talk to God and come out with a project.
The Hubbs has also been working a lot more, so I've been worn down for sure.  He just added another day of work to his already packed schedule. We'll see how this goes...
And the neighbor-chronicles came to a head while I was on my unintentional blogging-sabbatical. 

All these stories and more will be coming to your eyes!!!  Stay tuned... First story of 2012 starts       NOW!

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