Monday, July 18, 2011

VBS 2011 Scrappin'

Well... looks like that "steady internet" was a bust, I've been having to use my phone which I can barely type an appropriate sentence on.  My fingers and brain were made for a real, physical keyboard I think!

We just finished Vacation Bible School and it was so exciting and maybe just a teensy bit stressful.  Though, it shouldn't have been, I gave that all to myself.  Once I "let go and let God" everything went so smoothly!  Best part of the whole week was when 17 kiddos accepted Christ!  Pray that they are able to affect change in others, especially their families, and that they have the strength to hold true to their beliefs!

Every night when i came home I was so pumped that I had to digi-scrap all of the Hubb's pictures.  He's getting better and better all the time!  So I wanted to share with you a few of the pages.  Look at it like a child did it, so you can be impressed :) And these aren't all of them, just-a-some.

This is the final page-thing.  I just wanted to show the shadows of some of the "wanted" posters that are in there,