Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day of Praise

Outside it is a little windy and gloomy (perfect for the Halloween month) but it's all sunshine inside.  The Hubbs is FINALLY here and a huge weight is off my shoulders.  I have been fully taking advantage of him and letting him take care of the kids while I literally do nothing.  It has felt so good.  The first few nights were a little rough, though.

Night 1-Saturday.  We tried the Expedia mystery flight thing where it only costs like $50 after tax, but you don't know what time or airline you will be flying, but you do select the day.  All the other flights were $160+ one way so it was worth a shot.  Luckily it was a non-stop flight on Frontier but it came in at 11:00 PM!  That means after getting his bags and driving the looooong ride home we got in at 12:30 AM or so.  So late!  Plus, he had only had 3 hours of sleep in the previous 48 hours from crazy work events so he was a bit delirious.  When we got home, The Hubbs had to check on Little Man and then the poo hit the fan.
Once it clicked in Little Man's head that he had seen his Daddy, there was no sleep to be had all night.  He didn't want Daddy out of his sight and he was so excited that he just couldn't calm down.  It was about 3 or 4 in the morning before he passed out.  Then both kids woke up at 6:30am as usual.  Rough night for The Hubbs!

Night 2-Sunday.  We had a wonderful day (pictures tomorrow!!) going to Westcave Preserve in Round Mountain, TX and eating at this awesome Mexican restaurant that had a huge yard area for kids to play while we eat to reduce the screaming and let them run.  Great day.  But we noticed that all day Little Man didn't want to eat or really drink either.  By the time we got home and tried to eat dinner he was horribly upset.  We thought he was just overtired from not participating in nap time and maybe it was time to go to bed. 
Within minutes of going to bed we heard crazy screaming and run into his room.  What do we see??  He had puked allllllll over the room.  The couch, his bed, and all over the floor.  And he wasn't done.  I felt so horrible because he had never, ever vomited before and he was very upset.  He spent the next several hours being attended to on the couch and relieving his stomach several more times.  At around midnight he had one final relieving and immediately fell asleep.   Sitting up.  So we laid him down and took shifts sleeping next to him in case he woke up and was sick again.  Very little sleep that night too.

Thank the Lord Little Man was perfectly fine yesterday and last night we had a great sleep.  Little Miss is still getting up every few hours at night, but it still felt like heaven. Today I am sitting here, finally attending to my blog (like the new style??) and relaxing a bit while The Hubbs runs around after the kids he has missed so much.

Ahhhhhh this is the good life.